Silvervine vs Catnip

Catnip Silvervine
Scientific name Nepeta cataria Actinidia polygama
Nicknames Catswort, catmint Japanese catnip, Matatabi
Grows in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the U.S. Mountainous regions of China and Japan
Plant type Herbaceous plant Fast-growing, fruit-bearing vine
Feline attractants Nepetalactone Actinide, dihydroactinidiolide
Effect on cats Sedation, hyperactivity, playfulness, rolling, drooling, and licking Similar to catnip
Cat affection ratio 60% 80%

Over 10,000 happy cat families

My new kitten went insane for this product. He was literally inhaling it while the other older kitten developed interest then reacted to it a few days later.
Crack for felines is an apt description - mine went absolutely bonkers in a way I've never seen her do with regular catnip. A+ for the show.
My cat loved it! He immediately started rolling all over the spot I sprinkled the silver vine on the floor. Super happy with the product!
OMG, I will never buy catnip again for my Raven. She went crazy after just one sniff and played for about 45 minutes.