TwinCritters Tumblers - Poop Emoji Wool Dryer Balls - 6 pack


Eco Wool Dryer Ball 6 Pack - Poop Emoji Variety - Handmade, Premium Quality, Organic, Pure New Zealand Wool. Nature's own lint free fabric softener 

  • NATURAL FABRIC SOFTENER: The natural oils (lanolin) in sheep’s wool work as nature’s own fabric softener.  Reduce your drying time with an eco-friendly product that is all-natural

  • 100% PURE NEW ZEALAND WOOL: No additives, no preservatives, no chemicals, and dye free.  Imagine drying your clothes in a chemical free environment. Nothing made in China here.

  • SENSITIVE SKIN: No synthetic fibers or harsh chemicals, making these wool dryer balls perfect for those with sensitive skin. Whether you are a new mom doing laundry for your baby or a season mother with lots of children, or even someone with skin sensitivities, these environmentally friendly wool balls are for you.

  • HANDMADE IN NEPAL:  Made by skilled female artisans with only water, wool, natural soap and sunshine. Support nepalese families with while at the same time purchasing a reusable product.

  • PERFECT GIFT FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR: Everybody poops and everyone who poops also does laundry. Our hand needle felted details make these the most unique dryer balls on the market.