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The Potential Hazards of Tennis Balls

Whether you are at the beach, park, or just hanging in the yard, pet owners are throwing tennis balls to their dogs, and those dogs are retrieving the balls with joy and the hope for another toss. Despite seeming relatively harmless, tennis balls can present potential hazards to your canine companion’s health.

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Benefits Of Wool Cat Cave Beds

Thinking of Getting a Wool Cat Cave for Your Feline Furbaby? Here Are Some of the Benefits. It’s human nature to want to pamper our cats, and it’s kitty nature to want to cuddle up inside something dark, warm, and soft. Put the two together and a cat cave makes the perfect piece of cat furniture.

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Care and Cleaning of Your TwinCritters Cat Cave

What makes TwinCritters’ cat caves so great? They’re handmade in Nepal using 100% natural merino wool imported from New Zealand. We chose wool for our pet beds because it’s the perfect material to keep your kitty cool and comfy in the summer and warm and toasty in the winter.

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