Handmade wool cat caves

Wool Cat Caves

Handcrafted, 100% wool cat cave beds
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Large is the standard size!

2 lbs weight

20" diameter

9" opening

Benefits of a Twincritters' wool cat cave

Keeps your cat cool in the summer and warm in the winter

As the temperature grows warmer, the cuticles in the wool expand, releasing the moisture and allowing cool air to flow through the fiber. This means that a wool cat cave is ideal for keeping kitty cozy no matter what the temperature is!

Creates a quiet, stress free environment for your cat

Cats love climbing and exploring inside everything from boxes to baskets. It seems that kitties feel safer and less stressed when they’re in an enclosed space like a box, a taped-out square, or a wool cat cave.

Natural wool traps cat hair and is easy to vacuum

Wool cat caves will catch your cat’s hair, which will stay on the surface of the wool rather than becoming entangled in its fibers. When it’s time to clean your cat cave, simply vacuum it and wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Cats love lanolin, the natural oil in sheep’s wool

Much like their fascination with boxes, many cats are naturally attracted to wool. Cats love the scent and taste of the lanolin in the wool fibers because it reminds them of their mothers and it's an animal byproduct.
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Over 10,000 happy cat families

We’ve had this about five months and our four cats took to it almost right away and can’t stay away from it. Would highly recommend this to every cat owner.
My babies love this bed. I often catch them both cuddeling together. Nice & spacious great for a multi cat household, creates bonding between brothers and sisters !!
My 18lb cat loves this thing and fit into it with some room to spare. He spends a lot more time either inside or atop of it (aka less time messing up the rest of the house)! Cheers.
My siamese kitten just loves his wool cat cave bed and wool ball toy. It does collapse easily when he plays on top of it but can be fluffed back open. Great quality, well made.
My kitty loves this thing, sometimes he flattens it out to lay on it, sometimes he hordes his toys in it. It gets its use and is quite durable.
I have a 10 year old Maine Coone. She took to the Twin Critters pod right away. She is in it right now. Loves it. I would recommend it.
Kitties like to hide and kitties like to be warm and this wool cat cave satisfies both, while looking cool and unobtrusive.
This is the equivalent of handing a 13 year old a new iPhone. Our cat is glued to this thing and will barely hang out with us now.
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