All of our products are sourced from sustainable, renewable sources that you can trust. Our ingredient lists are transparent and green.

TwinCritters' cat caves and pet toys are made by hand in Katmandu Nepal using 100% merino wool imported from New Zealand.

Wool cat caves production

We support talented female artisans and their families. Felting uses only wool, water, and soap. That's right! No harsh chemicals or synthetic fibers.

Handmade wool cat caves production

KittiKrack, an all-natural silver vine product, is handpicked from the mountains of China, then sun-dried before being imported for your pet’s next exciting adventure.

CodderTots contain cold-dried (using very little energy) 100% Icelandic whitefish from the clean waters of Iceland. Just one ingredient. Well, actually two — cod and love! 

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